Mark Your Beers Responsibly

How To Play

‘Beer For Life’ is a simple game. To play you must first become a ‘Beer For Life’ member, and as the name implies: membership is lifelong. ‘Like’ Beer 4 Life on Facebook to become a member now!

Whenever a B4L member decides to enjoy a beer, they should first place a distinguishable mark on the beer can, bottle, or glass from which they wish to drink.

If two B4L members are both drinking beers and one member believes the other has not marked their drink, this member can ‘call out’ the other drinker. If it is decided that the ‘called out’ B4L member was drinking an unmarked beer, they must chug the rest of their beer. If their beer was in fact marked afterall, the ‘calling’ B4L member must chug the rest of their beer.

Extensions of the game such as ‘Liquor For Life’ and the more general ‘Liquid For Life’ also exist with similar rule sets.

Visit the Rulebook page for the Official Beer For Life Rules.